What Causes Wet Rot? Wet rot is initially caused by the timber being affected by moisture. Any type of damp can raise the moisture content of the timber above 20% which causes the wet rot spores to germinate and attack the timber. There are various types of damp problems that can affect your property: rising damp, plumbing leaks, condensation and penetrating damp. Most of the time damp conditions are created due to failure in the damp proof course, faulty plumbing, leaking gutters, faulty roof coverings and poor external render. Damp affected timbers become a perfect environment for rot to grow by feeding on the wood cells and degrading the timber. Wet rot can often lead to major structural damage if it is left to grow unchecked as it weakens the timber. Fortunately, this type of rot does not spread through masonry and only affects the localised damp timber. How to Identify Wet Rot? Rot problems can look very similar. Wood that has been affected by wet rot is typically soft and spongy and often has a darker appearance than normal wood, due to the moisture content and the fungal growth. If you are making an initial assessment these are the common signs that you can look for: Discolouration of timber is often present Paint finish can appear damaged, highlighting the cracked timber below Timber is likely to feel soft and spongy to the touch Visible fungus (mycelium) strands may appear on the timber Wet Rot stays to the damp area and does not spread Rot affected timber shrinks and causes cracking to the timber Damp musty smell. Thankfully this type of rot attack does not spread as far as dry rot, although it can still cause severe structural damage if left untreated. If there is no obvious fungus present on the wood it is often difficult to determine if it’s affected by wet rot or dry rot. An ACHIUK surveyor can identify the type of rot that is affecting your property and specify the necessary treatment to eradicate the problem. Wet Rot Treatment & Repair The first and most crucial part of any wet rot treatment is to identify and cut off the source of moisture. This is done by repairing the property defect or installing a damp proof barrier to protect against further damp penetration. A preservation specialists will repair affected timber by completely replacing decayed timbers or by treating them with a fungicidal solution. There are different stages of wet rot and therefore different levels of wet rot treatment. Here at ACHIUK we have experience in diagnosing all types of property no matter how big or small. In order to give you peace of mind we are ready to offer advice on the best form of treatment.