What Causes Condensation? Ironically, condensation is often caused by improvements to buildings. Insulation, draft proofing and double glazing are all good things to have, but they reduce the ventilation in a property and can increase the relative air humidity which is the amount of moisture in the air within your home. Moisture content in the air can be raised by everyday living – from little things like running a bath or simply drying your clothes indoors. If moisture does build up during warm temperatures, this can cause issues when your property cools. The moisture will start to condense on cool surfaces and will start to damage them. The most common signs of condensations is water running down windows, damaged decoration, black mould growth and unpleasant musty damp smells occurring within a property.

Condensation & Black Mould

It is important that the type of damp affecting your property be diagnosed properly or you could end up spending money on works that will not solve the problem. Every property is different and the reasons causing the Condensation or Black Mould will be different. Some properties are simply not ventilated, and others may have structural defects creating cold spots that are very hard to identify without proper equipment. Below are a few signs that might be apparent within your property: Water gathering on the inside of your windows or at the window sill Water gathering on surfaces such as kitchen/bathroom tiles Growth of black mould on walls, ceilings and skirting Peeling of wallpaper or deteriorating paintwork Mould growing on clothes or stored articles A strong musty smell Most of the minor condensation cases can be solved by simply improving your property ventilation. This might be easier said than done as it is difficult to keep your  windows open 24 hours a day especially during colder seasons. The alternative to that is getting in touch with a property damp specialist who can survey your property and specify one of the most effective condensation solutions. Condensation Solutions There are many cases when opening a window or installing a standard extraction fan will not solve your condensation problem. If this is the case, then the most effective way to resolve the problem is to book a property survey and get a professional damp surveyor to investigate your damp problem. ACHIUK’s experienced property surveyors will inspect your property and specify the most appropriate condensation solutions for your problem. These solutions might range from structural cold spot removal to powerful extraction fans or even positive input ventilation systems that can regulate the moisture content in air throughout your whole property.