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Damp Survey & Damp Treatment Do you think you have damp problems in your home? Can you see darkened or flakey patches on the walls? Or is there discolouration or black mould? Have you noticed the wallpaper is peeling off the wall? Finding the root cause of damp can be difficult so why not call us. With our vast knowledge & experience we can pinpoint the cause and suggest the best course of action to put and end to your damp problems
Home Extensions and Refurbishments If you are looking to build an extension to your home it is a good idea to have a chat with us to get some good advice on damp proofing. We can help you plan ahead before you start your project. That way you could avoid creating future problems with damp and the extra expense of any remedial works.
Timber Treatments & Brickwork Can you see signs of cracked or crumbling woodwork? Have you got damp patches or mould. Or even the growth of fungus or a damp smell? Are there bulging or cracks on walls? Are there signs of loose mortar in you brickwork or uneven raised roof edges? One damp survey from ACHIUK will identify and diagnose a solution, quickly.
Condensation on Interior Windows The cause of condensation can be very difficult to diagnose but can also simply be caused by lack of good ventilation. However condensation can also be caused by other underlying facts. Left unchecked, condensation can transfer damp onto other surfaces and become a severe problem. Condensation on windows is usually a sign that high humidity is present in the building and is gathering on glass that is cold from the outside temprature.